Michigan Offense: What to Expect

The 2017 season is only 18 days away and Michigan’s biggest uncertainty is our offense.  

This off-season, Michigan graduated 43 seniors, which means PT is up for grabs. Important spots like TE and WR will have some tight position battles.  But, places like LT and LG are set in stone.  

Wideouts- Michigan brought in the best receiver class in program history this off-season. And with returning starters like Grant Perry and Eddie McDoom, we will have some experience. The 4 receivers I expect to start are Donovan Peoples Jones, Kekoa Crawford,  Tarik Black, and Grant Perry.  This core 4 of receivers lacks experience, but makes up with it in talent. 

OLine- Michigan lost 3 of its starting lineman this year.  Even though, they’re gone Michigan can easily still open holes and protect the QB.  The 5 I predict to start are LT Mason Cole LG Ben Bredeson C Cesar Ruiz RG Mike Onwenu and RT Juwon Bushell-Beatty.  These 5 men can pack a punch and gash the Defense. Luckily we struck it rich on NSD with 5🌟 Center Cesar Ruiz.  He is highly skilled, and I got the opportunity to watch him play in person.  And he allowed the QB to rush for 120 yards on QB draw plays.  So, with his addition,  Michigan has their Center for 2-3 years.  Overall the OLine should take care of business. 

Quarterback- The rumor mill was stirring this summer that Brandon Peters had a chance at the starting job.  But Speight,  will run the show again in 2017. If Speight can play phemoneal and stay healthy.  Then we have a good shot at playing in Indy this December. 

Running Backs- With the departure of 2 year starter Deveon Smith,  Michigan has some big shoes to fill.  The expected starter is Chris Evans with Ty Isaac carrying the rock in heavy situations.  Evans showed some flashes of a great shifty back in limited action last year.  The addition of Coaches Greg Frey and Jay Harbaugh,  should help boost IQ and fundamentals. But hopefully those coaches will carry on the platoon system like Ty Wheatley used in the past.  Expect our backs to do great things this season, and don’t be surprised  if Evans rushes for more than 1000 yards. 

In the end,  Michigan will do great this year.  The offense starts at the QB position  and we have a pretty good one.  So hope for the best,  and never doubt them.  GO BLUE!  


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