Don’t Let One Game Beat You Twice – Indiana Game Prediction

by Mark Edwards


I have a confession to make to our readers.  I was wrong.  Like seriously mistaken wrong.  Last week, I predicted a 31-10 victory and I felt good about that until the 1st quarter Ty Isaac fumble.  Everything that happened after that is a blur.  For the Michigan fan base, that loss stings and is still stinging.  However, the only question that matters goes to the team.   “Is is still stinging?”  If the answer is yes and has hurt this week’s preparation for Indiana, this Saturday 12 noon kickoff is going to be bad.

The old saying in sports is “Don’t let a team beat you twice.”  It didn’t in 2015 after the MSU debacle.  If it does not, we have bigger problems than quarterback play.  I have been pleased with the spoken language coming out of Schembechler Hall this week.

“We’re 1-4.” – Jim Harbaugh speaking about rivalry games.

“I mean, we were okay. Not our best performance, but, again, didn’t do things to win the game either.” – LB coach Chris Partridge on last week’s game.

This is the game wherein we need to see the Harbaugh Effect.  He came here to win.  It’s a process.  But the process needs to include beating Indiana or all of us should start to wonder.


What should we expect?  The easy answer is “I don’t know.”  But you know if you’re reading this that my opinion is going to follow.  I think we get a performance closer to Purdue than to last Saturday.  I think the Indiana defense is not something to look down your nose at.  They are talented, well-coached and hungry.  However, I would expect to see O’Korn rely on tight ends while the run game will be the difference.


It must suck to take the field and think you have to pitch a perfect game to win.  I don’t thin the Michigan defense has this mentality.  Did they play their best game?  No.  They have said as much.  So what do they do for a follow-up performance?  I would rest the answer with forcing turnovers and sacks.  That’s going to be the formula going forward.  I think the fan base is blind to the growth that the unit has made.  They really got schemed on one play last week (MSU screen pass) and that was the difference.  I would doubt that it happens again.  Indiana will present a formidable foe in the passing game but unless it rains heavily, separation will be hard to find for the Hoosiers.

FINAL SCORE:  Michigan 24, Indiana 3

PICKS TO CLICK:  Offense – Ty Isaac, Defense – Devin Bush Jr.


ONE THING THAT MAY SURPRISE:  O’Korn will throw for 2 TDs.

Indiana will record more than 2 sacks.


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